cheap, but not as cheap as your girlfriend (names0fthedead) wrote in foodofwrong,
cheap, but not as cheap as your girlfriend

Tiger Skin Rainbow Roll

It has no resemblance to tiger skin, either on the outside or on the inside, see?

It came from the chiller cabinet of the chinese supermarket alongside the mochi and bean based desserts.
It's got a marshmallowy texture, you know the one, the kind of cheap cake you had at birthday parties as a kid. It's sweet and... cakey to eat. I think the coloured bits are meant to have different flavours, the pink being strawberry, the green being pandan and the brown chocolate, but they actually taste identical. At least it looks interesting even if it doesn't taste it.
Although something on the label captured Ben's attention and after a bit of research it transpired that this cake contains glycol; a type of antifreeze, and propylene; a hydrocarbon. Worrying, especially as there is a possibility that they are carcinogenic. Yes, I know everything gives you cancer these days, I'm just more disturbed by antifreeze being an inredient in cake.
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