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The unPossible

Pickled Eggplant

About three weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Mitsuwa Corp in Fort Lee, NJ. It's a large Japanese supermarket and food court originally built for the families of wealthy Japanese businessmen.

Naturally, the store is very large, very clean, and somewhat expensive. But they do have everything, so its well worth the trip.

I'm a big fan of Japanese pickles, so I nabbed a bag each of eggplant and cucumber tsukemono. Both were very vividly colored, the cuke being a bright green and the eggplant a shocking purple. I'd had the cucumber often before (it tastes like a salty pickle, wonderful), but I'd only ever had the eggplant in a bento.

The eggplant wasn't much to look at besides the color. very dark on one side, purple on the other. Kind of wrinkly. Smelled faintly alcoholic, but not unpleasant, so I took a bite.

The flavor was exactly what it was expected to be: briny, vinegary eggplant, very nice. However the texture was kind of awful, and the skin squeaked against my teeth with every bite. I dislike sharp, screechy noises, so the sound was more horrible than the mouthfeel.

Latter, I had some more chopped up over steamed rice. No squeak, much better.

Overall, 7/10
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