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cheap, but not as cheap as your girlfriend

Hospital food reviewed.

This is a bit off topic I guess and there's no pictures, but this food was truly disgusting.
I have been ill and had to spend a few days in hospital, and the food was one of the worst things about the stay, just shocking. I tend to eat mostly vegetarian, although I am actually omnivorous. I just don't feel the need to eat tons of meat. Unfortunately all the veggie options were smothered in greasy cheese, which I hate more than I hate meat, so I ate processed meat way too often. On to the food...

Ham Sandwich
Ham was surprisingly ok, nice and thick and chewy, not the horrible wafer thin sort. There was far too much margarine and the bread was so stale it was curling at the edges. The salad on the side had been mistreated horribly too. The cucumber was completely dried out and shrunken. Tomato was ok, luckily the cut side faced down onto the plate so it was still juicy, and the salad leaves were yellowing and wilted.

Shepherd's Pie & Broccoli
The broccoli was actually crispy around the edges and the stalks were overcooked and mushy. I wonder how that was done? I have never been able to cook broccoli like that (luckily). The mashed potato was moulded into something resembling a decorative plaster ceiling moulding for some reason. It was very chewy and dense. Did not fall apart in the mouth at all. Also very dry. It was a lot like the instant mashed potato we were made to eat when I was a kid and on camping trips with the Brownies. The filling was also overcooked. The carrots and onions were falling to bits and the mince was leathery. The sauce was very thick and tasted exactly like reconstituted gravy granules where not enough water has been put in.

Sweet and sour chicken
This looked very pale and anaemic. Soggy rice, dry chicken pieces, canned pineapple and pieces of pepper. Very pale sauce and not much of it, most of the moisture comes from the water left in the rice. The chicken resembles polystyrene pellets used for packaging fragile things, does not taste of anything. The pineapple is obviously canned but is still recognisable as pineapple. The peppers are bitter and slimy, and have obviously been frozen, that texture is unmistakeable. There are lumps of egg and dried chives in the rice. The sauce tastes roughly like sweet and sour sauce but very artificial. The whole thing is just bland. This is worse than the worst Chinese takeaway I've had and also worse than the cheapest sweet and sour microwave ready-meal I have had while too hung over to cook. Certainly a low point.
1/10. It only gets the one as it was technically food and I had no ill effects.

Cheese and tomato... thing
I didn't eat this one. I lifted the lid off the plate to see orangey yellow glossy slime coating pasta and the horrible stench of the cheapest melted processed cheese. I refused to eat it and had grapes and crackers for my dinner instead.

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