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we consume the weird stuff so you don't have to

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Food and drink from the dark side
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I've got a bit carried away lately with buying weird looking canned drinks and food where I can't understand the language on the label, and trying them for the (very small and pathetic) adventure this brings.
Rather than clog up my own journal with the reviews, I thought I'd post them here instead so if you also decide to eat or drink one of these 'interesting' products then you can make an informed choice. Or something.

Join me and review food and drink too! Post your reviews in here.

Please format your reviews like this:
Include (1)the name of the food or drink, (2)a photo of the packaging and of the contents (if contents are suitably odd looking), (3)a score out of 10 for the food or drink product

Got it? Happy eating and don't forget to share your gastronomic horror stories with the rest of us.